I found Gamzee ;_;

Come back motherfucking friend ;_;

  • so... homestuck.
  • You: JOHN
  • You: DAVE
  • You: JADE
  • You: ROSE
  • Stranger: MIKE
  • You: TROLLS
  • You: YAY
  • You: tumblr, post it
  • Stranger: i like you
  • You: I like homestuck!
  • Stranger: whats homestuck dudee?
  • You: John is not a homosexual
  • You: mspaintadventures
  • Stranger: Jade?
  • You: google it
  • Stranger: Dave?
  • Stranger: all homos
  • You: According to Nepeta they could be I guess
  • You: Those ships may sail!
  • Stranger: far far away? :)
  • You: To all of the Planets
  • You: Jade will help them
  • You: and that damn yellow boat
  • Stranger: and they will have an awesome adventure!!!!
  • You: Jake loves adventures
  • Stranger: and make cute babies.
  • You: so does Jake in Adventure time
  • You: Yeah little cute wrigglers
  • Stranger: i love adventure time! :)
  • You: Yay!
  • Stranger: and wrigglers! :)

No one wants to fill buckets with Eridan


I will join you on omegle! :D
I will fill buckets with Eridan… ;w; 


Mean ;__;

Mean ;__;

You only used 4 Vriska!

You only used 4 Vriska!

omegle trolling~


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Jesus that was me that asked that question XDD

Hi to the Tavros from Omegle!


Im Terezi!

Yes Good

Question to discuss:

Stranger 2: TEREZI

Stranger 2: HI

Stranger 2: YAY

Stranger 2: TROLLMEGLE

Stranger 2: WOOT

Stranger 1: I see Trolls

Stranger 1: What is OP?

Stranger 2: Is it like up?

Stranger 1: OP = Original Poster

Ok so that rules out you being from 4chan or MiDJE

Stranger 2: It’s from homestuck

Stranger 2: they’re litteral trolls

Stranger 1: Hmm not heard of Homestuck

Stranger 2: Look up

Stranger 2: it’s an awesome webcomic

Stranger 1: MS Paint Adventures

Stranger 2: yep

Stranger 1: Awesome I will give this a through read.

Stranger 2: oops,

Stranger 1: Don’t worry Google got me ther

Stranger 1: there*

Stranger 2: yay

Stranger 2: Hope you enjoy it!

Stranger 1: Farewell Stranger

Stranger 2: fare thee well

You. I’ve had you twice. Come back, I like you

You. I’ve had you twice. Come back, I like you



Come baaaaaack ;n;

Come baaaaaack ;n;